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The Wildfiles.tv resource:

  1. Addresses specific learner expectations (SLEs) from the 1996 Elementary Science Program of Studies in Alberta (Grade 3: Topic E). These learner expectations have been used as the basis for developing the 13 episodes and the activities in the Clubhouse. The resource also meets many of the learner expectations in Science for other grade levels and in other subject areas such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Language Arts, Fine Arts, Social Studies, etc.

  2. Encourages students to develop and practice skills in science inquiry through self-directed explorations, problem solving and activities. Students are encouraged to ask questions, consult experts and build on their prior knowledge of animal species. The content has purposely been presented with games and challenges to enhance interest among students and encourage active learning.

  3. Addresses a variety of learning styles. The use of text, audio, video, images, music and interactive activities, provide variety and choice to meet a wide range of student needs and preferences. The Backyard Scientist component (Hands on Science) encourages active, hands-on experimentation which extends learning into the home or classroom.

  4. Applies to a range of grade levels and abilities. Wildfiles.tv was designed with a minimal use of text to allow students of all abilities to navigate and view information. The option to listen to the audio or read the text makes the content accessible to a range of reading levels. Links to the glossary assist children to learn scientific terminology and three levels of difficulty are built into the puzzles. In addition, the e-Zine challenges, polls, and requests for content will permit students to extend their learning into many areas of the curriculum independently, and at their own level.

  5. Shows animal species in their natural habitat. The video footage of animals in their natural habitat has been selected to demonstrate the actual behaviors and habits of each species.

  6. Is wildly humourous. Well, we think it’s funny. The songs, jokes, cartoons, trivia and animation appeal to children of all ages and help to maintain interest and enjoyment in learning.

  7. Integrates subject matter across several subject areas. The information and activities can easily be integrated into other subject areas including various units in science, social studies, language arts, fine arts and mathematics.

  8. Is teacher-friendly. The resource is easy to use for both students and teachers. Teachers may direct students to specific areas or tasks, or students may select their own area of study.

  9. Provides students the opportunity to extend learning independently through activities, research projects, and science experiments. The online glossary and direct “Lynx” to other Internet sites will help students learn more about the featured species and other species.

  10. Addresses the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) learning outcomes required for Alberta students. Navigating within Wildfiles.tv or interacting via e-mail and the e-Zine allows students to use technology to communicate, conduct research and develop additional skills.

  11. Is interactive. Learning is enhanced by encouraging students to extend their knowledge by asking questions, consulting experts, making independent explorations and investigations, and submitting content to be used online and in the e-zine.

  12. Provides practice and study opportunities: The file for each species contains a challenge in the form of a quiz, which provides students with the opportunity to evaluate their own learning in a non-threatening environment. Students are provided with immediate feedback on their results, and the errors are identified with correct answers provided. Students may return to review the material and try the quiz again to check for improvement.

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