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A little perception please! Find out why owls’ eyes face forward.

Get on the trail of things with tails…Keep track of who’s been walking in your yard.

Build a pond! Create a new ecosystem and watch it change.

The Seed Snare. Study seed adaptations for survival.

That Sinking Feeling. How strong is the surface tension of water?

Lagomorph Logarithm. Watch crystals multiply.

Freezing Race. Test the freezing rate of objects.

Cushioning the blow. Can you drop an egg without breaking it?

Wild Wings. Paper airplane flight-tests.

pHatal pHormula. Make your own pH indicator.

This project really sucks! Try to drink like a spider.

You Smell! Test your sense of smell.

Freezing from Death! Inspect insect antifreeze.

Mealworm Metamorphosis. Grow a community of mealworms.

Hidden Colours. Find out why leaves change colour in the fall.

Lift your Wings and Fly. Lift your wings and explore flight.

Blind Spot. Watch like a hawk – or try to.

Disappearing Act. Why do animals always win at hide and seek?

Good Vibrations. Experiment with sound.

Moth Potpourri. Learn about diffusion and freshen your room!

Condiment Diver. Make a diver to find out how fish dive.

Colour Film. Why is the sky blue?

Uphill Flow. Can you make water defy gravity?

Walk on Water. What walks on water?

Density Stacker. Test the density of different objects.

Spiral Elevator. Have an uplifting experience.

Slime ME. Be cool - get slimed!

Soaking Spuds. Find out why there are no salt-water potatoes.

Paper house. Make like a wasp and make paper.

A cool baked Alaska. Make your own insulation and eat it!

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