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The videotapes of the WildFiles.TV television series may serve as home entertainment or as an audiovisual resource for home educators, in schools and libraries. Videotapes of the television series can be used in segments, in combination with the online content or in their entirety to complement lessons on a variety of science topics. Videos are available for purchase from Reel Girls Media.

Wildfiles.tv Interactive Content

The information and interactive activities and challenges in the Clubhouse are suited for children’s home entertainment or as an educational resource. Students can explore the content independently, in small groups, or be guided to specific areas or activities to suit curriculum needs and lesson plans. Exploring the online content would serve as an extension activity for students completing units of study related to wildlife. The information and topics contained in each species file will serve as a valuable research source and also as a framework for independent research on another animal species. The content itself might inspire teachers and students to create their own classroom website or multimedia presentation for a topic of study.

Wildfiles.tv News E-Zine

The e-Zine provides a wonderful opportunity for children to communicate and share their learning about science and wildlife with other kids. It’s a magazine written entirely by kids, and it gives children a sense of ownership and a chance to have their own work published online. Children are encouraged to submit their own stories, research, poetry, interviews, jokes, trivia, wild words or original photographs and drawings for publication in the e-Zine and Kids Gallery. The e-Zine presents unlimited opportunities to extend the science curriculum into other subject areas such as language arts, fine arts, and social studies. In the classroom, the Wildfiles.tv News could serve as a model for the creation of a school or class magazine.

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