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Wildfiles.tv OVERVIEW

Wildfiles.tv is an interactive series for school-aged children focusing on investigations of science and nature. The online content is a virtual clubhouse where kids can learn about wildlife and the natural world around them, and apply this knowledge to explore their local environment. The site was designed to be appealing and accessible to children with brightly coloured graphics, animation, audio, and minimal use of text.

The interactive content stands alone as an educational resource but was developed as a companion to the television series, WildFiles.TV, which is currently in production.

Wildfiles.tv profiles 13 species of the animal kingdom, all of which are indigenous to Canada, with the exception of the Tarantula. These species are also featured in the half-hour television series.

An electronic magazine, Wildfiles.tv News, helps to encourage children’s interest in science and nature and gives them an opportunity to interact with the online content and their environment. The e-Zine is fueled by content created and submitted by children, some of which will be stored and used online.

Wildfiles.tv aims to promote environmental consciousness, while encouraging children’s active exploration, problem solving, science learning and creativity.

Students and viewers of the television series can interact with the series and online content in several ways:

  • Research information about the species and activities featured online and in the television series;
  • Submit original articles, stories, questions, or artwork for publication online in Wildfiles.tv News, or in the Kids Gallery;
  • Observe, collect, analyze and share data on wildlife as a Wildlife Agent;
  • Conduct science experiments at home or school;
  • Communicate via e-mail to ask questions of our host or other experts;
  • Take a quiz on each animal to evaluate their learning from the videos and online content;
  • Try activities like “Build a Creature”, “Match the Poop with the Pooper”, and many other interactive games and puzzles;
  • Get outside and try some Wild Animal Yoga;
  • Link to other websites for information about wildlife, science and the environment.

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