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Ava Karvonen

Francis Damberger

Chris Fisher
Naomi Bock

Chris Fisher
Ava Karvonen

Alicia Achen
Sarah Damberger
Frances Dewart
Moeah Dupuis
Lisa Evans
Dane Hartwell
Remi Kanji
Albert Karvonen
Amy Keating
Jesse Lyman
Emma Paetz
Amanda Rakovszky
Joanna Roy
Stephen Sawchuk
Julian Savaryn
Jeff St. Arnaud

Guest Experts
Paula Bentham
Dr. Jim Butler
Carmen Calihoo
Dr. Gordon Court
Dr. Brian Eaton
Nadele Flynn
Alastair Franke
Renee Franken
Kris Kendall
Meg Krawchuk
Dr. Robin Leech
Kathryn Martell
Chuck Priestly
Rebecca Reeves
Terry Thormin


Jody Polowick

Graphic Design and FX
Kim Clegg
Cindy Mitchell
Kevin Mones

Production Manager
Franco Dottor

Associate Producers
Larissa Lazarowich
Naomi Bock

Production Coordinators
Geraldine Carr
Larissa Lazarowich
Christi Erickson

Story Editor
Ava Karvonen

Story Consultant
Christie Jones

Daron Donahue
Trevor Wilson
Doug Steele
Rick Bremness
Dwayne Dorland

Location Sound
Jamie Kidd
Garrell Clark
Downy Karvonen
Brenda Donahue

Post-Production Coordinators
Jody Polowick
Christie Jones

Casting Director
Geraldine Carr CDC

Educational Consultant/Production Assistant
Gabrielle Christopherson

Set Construction and Design
Shannon Parsons

Set Painters
Shannon Parsons
Daniel Stevenson
Constance White
Chad Cuthbertson

Set Dressers
Vincent Meseck
Christine Weidlich

Production Accounting
Franco Dottor

Production Assistants
Nicole Auser
Christine Weidlich
Elise Holm
Cindy Mitchell
Sarah Damberger
Emily Damberger
Darcie Grace
Larissa Lazarowich
Bree Dreger
Lisa Stewart

Assistant Editors
Nicole Auser
Darcie Grace
Elise Holm

On-Line Post Production
Scott Parker
Adam Kidd

Additional Graphic Design
Cathy McMillan
Keith Sun

Audio Post Production
Downy Karvonen
Jerry Krepakevich

Still Photography
Dan Power

 Post-Production Coordinator for Studio Post
Andrea Macnab

Herman Ansink
Joe Owens

Versioning & Layback
Tyler Hill
Kevin House

Closed Captioning
Chrysta Krislock

Archival Footage and Sounds Courtesy of:
Karvonen Films Ltd.
Doug Steele
Reel Girls Media

Linda Callaghan

Jones Brown

Developed with the assistance of the Independent Production Fund/Videon Program

Developed in Association with CBC Alberta

Developed and Produced in association with

ACCESS The Education Station and Canadian Learning Television

Produced with the participation of the

Alberta Film Development Program of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Developed and Produced with the participation of

the Shaw Children's Programming Initiative,

through the

and the

Produced with the participation of the

CanWest Western Independent Producers Fund

Developed and Produced with the financial participation of The CFCN Fund,

in association with CTV Television Inc.

Produced with the participation of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund

Developed and Produced with the participation of

Star Choice Communications Inc


The Canadian Independent Film & Video Fund

Produced in Association with

Saskatchewan Communications Network

Produced with the participation of Rogers Telefund

Produced with the participation of

The Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit Program


Special Thanks to:

Todd Crawshaw, David Gummer, Bill Weimann
and the Staff of the Provincial Museum of Alberta,
Katherine Wilson, Amenla Achen, Elaine Butler and George,
Ed Whitelock and the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Grazing, Wildlife and Provincial Recreation Area,
Alberta Community Development,
Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division,
T-Bird the salamander,
Savannah the peregrine, Richard Fyfe, Kevin Barry, Captain S. Peck QM 1PPCLI, PJ's Pets,
Jean Funk, Kathy Girvan, Gareth Swinnerton,
and the Strathcona Wilderness Centre,
Eva Paul, Ross Chapman and the Staff at Elk Island National Park of Canada ,
Evelyn Henke, Dr. Lu Carbyn, Andrew Manske,
Dr. Anne Gunn, Pat Marklevitz, Locke Girvan,
John Janzen Nature Center,
Dean Treichel and the Edmonton Valley Zoo,
Mountain Equipment Co-op Edmonton,
David's Restaurant,
Shannon Parsons and Hannah Karvonen-Parsons,
Pirkko and Albert Karvonen, Al Parsons,
Garry Popowich, Jill Bonenfant,
Andra Sheffer, Charles Zamaria,
Gail Yakemchuk, Wendy Sulzle,
Jane Bisbee, Robin Jackson,
Richard Gustin, Cherie Westmoreland,
Caroline Underwood, Ray Moschuk, Carl Karp,
Sandra Greene, Chuck Scott and Robin Mirsky.



“Animals Are Disgusting Things”
“Bear Pants”
“Bob the Wood Frog”
“Caribou Bu”
“Could It Bea…ver?”
“Job Huntin’ Moose”
“Muskox Waltz”
“My Peregrine”
“Rabbits and Hares”
“Sally and Stevie”
“September Nights”
“Why Don’t We Ever Learn”
“Wolf Pack”

Songs written and performed by Chris Fisher and Becker.


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